Our full range of Water Coolers:

  • Office water coolers

    Office Water Coolers

    We have plumbed in water coolers to suit all numbers of staff from 3 to 300, from a budget unit to carbonated water options, all available as a table top or freestanding.

  • Home water coolers

    Home Water Coolers

    Why buy expensive bottles of water, when one of our domestic plumbed in water coolers will offer your family pure water for their spoorts bottles at a fraction of the cost.

  • Gym water coolers

    Gym Water Coolers

    We have available wall mounted plumbed in water fountains, that can be set to the height for disabled persons and children, offering pure filtered water

  • School water coolers

    School Water Coolers

    Plumbed in water coolers, fountains and basins, are all part of our range for school use. Available for playground use or inside. All very hygienic as direct chill models.

  • Plumbed in water coolers

    Plumbed In Water Coolers (full range)

    Bottled water coolers are a thing of the past !! With plumbed in water coolers, you have fresh water all the time, no health and safety issues, no storage problems, no regular accounting, no green issues, no toxins and best of all, are cheaper to run.

  • Water filters and Accesories

    Water Filters and Accessories

    We can supply you with a full range of cups, filters and complete sanitisation packs, with filters for you plumbed in water coolers. Please ensure you water cooler is fully sanitised and filter changed every six months.

  • Plastic and paper cups

    Plastic and Paper Cups

    We have a wide range of paper and plastic cups for your water cooler and our delivery service is the fastest in the UK.

Our Water Coolers

Welcome to Water Coolers Pro.

We have a vast range of water coolers to meet your every need. Please feel free to browse through our selection and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us free on 0800 587 8068 or fill in our short online form and one of our team will contact you back.

Our plumbed in water coolers can be purchased outright or rented.

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