Other Water Coolers recommended for home:

  • Home water coolers - Rio

    The Rio Range

    The Rio is ideal for filling large cups and bottles as it has a high dispense area. The controls are hygienically situated away from the water dispensing point and an additional safety button feature is fitted on the hot model.

  • Home water coolers - Niagara

    The Niagara

    The Niagara uses direct chill technology and has the added advantage of having a drain away system. The Niagara is a heavy duty machine that dispenses between 50 and 150 litres of chilled, ambient or carbonated water per hour.

  • Home water coolers - Simbi


    This freestanding model is one of the most popular water coolers we have. The Simbi is easy on the pocket and ideal for those looking for multiple coolers at low cost.

  • Home water coolers - Connect

    The Connect Range

    The Connect UV is a stylish top of the range direct chill water cooler and the best for hygiene, ergonomics and functionality. It dispenses 22 litres of chilled, ambient or sparkling water or 8 litres or hot water (95°C) per hour.

  • Home water coolers - Jet pro

    Jet Pro

    This machine is ideal for conference rooms and kitchens as it has a large dispense area which makes it particularly good for filling jugs and bottles.

  • Home water coolers - 200L

    200L Water Boiler

    Robust two tone stainless steel construction and hard wearing design ensures a high degree of reliability and long life. Water boilers are ideal when you need boiling hot water on tap all day.

The Connect Range, Home Water Coolers

Water Coolers for your home - Connect
  • Maximum hygiene, greater safety, greater efficiency… lower costs.
  • Cold, Hot, Carbonated and Filtered options. Control panel at an ergonomic height for the utmost ease of use. Indicator lights for the control of the correct appliance operation. Hot water safety button (max 90c). No taps to sanitise.
  • Capacious cup dispenser built in (100 cups). NO tank, so no standing water.
  • Direct steel coil cooling system connected to the mains, removes the need for water storage and offers maximum hygiene while reducing the cleaning and sanitising requirements and costs.
  • Freestanding measurements are: 315w x 335d x 1118h
  • Table Top measurements are: 315w x 353d x 665h

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