Our full range of Water Coolers:

  • Office water coolers

    Office Water Coolers

    We have the widest range of office water coolers in the UK. No matter what size your office is we have the ideal water cooler to suit your requirements. From freestanding to undercounter.

  • Home water coolers

    Home Water Coolers

    Water coolers for the home are becoming more and more popular and our range speaks for itself. Why not enjoy fresh, hot and cold water in your home today!

  • Gym water coolers

    Gym Water Coolers

    It's important to provide fresh cold water for rehydration after sports activity. Our gym water fountains can dispense up to 50 litres of cold water per hour.

  • School water coolers

    School Water Coolers

    Fresh water is important in schools for concentration and growth reasons. We supply water coolers and fountains to hundreds of schools across the UK.

  • Plumbed in water coolers

    Plumbed In Water Coolers (full range)

    Click here to view all of our water coolers, undercounter chillers and freestanding units. Our coolers are suitable for all environments.

  • Water filters and Accesories

    Water Filters and Accessories

    We supply water filters, spare parts and accessories for all our machines and are on hand to offer our expertise and advice with installation.

  • Plastic and paper cups

    Plastic and Paper Cups

    We have a wide range of paper and plastic cups for your water cooler and our delivery service is the fastest in the UK.

Water filters and accessories

Water Filters

Water Filters

Our range of In-Line Filters have an innovative spigot connection. This allows them to be used as replacements for any system. The choice of tube size connections allows them to be fitted to 1/4", 3/8", 10mm or 15 mm tubing.

Water Gems

Water Gems

The Water Gem comes complete with absolutely everything you need for simple DIY fitting, including clear step-by-step instructions. There is no need to cut off the water supply or to cut any pipes.

The Water Gem can be fitted into all kitchen units and the tap can be installed on either surface-mounted or countersunk sink units.


Beca-Bin Recycle

The Standard Beca Bin is an excellent means of hygienically and efficiently collecting plastic cups at a point of use. With a capacity of approximately 500 cups, it assists with the storage of the cups prior to their collection for reprocessing. It is avaialble in light grey or dark green. Dimensions Length 360mm Depth 360mm Height 650mm

Ice maker

Ice maker

A must for every home, this ice maker is ideal for home entertaining, parties or barbeques; a truly ingenious little machine with excellent ice production and storage capacity. For making ice quickly and easily, the mini Contessa is a sure winner in every home.

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