Dehydration in care homes studied

A possible link between dehydration suffered by people in residential homes and the number of falls they experience is to be studied.

The study by the Royal Institute of Public Health (RIHP) and Anglian Water follows evidence from residential homes that water coolers help reduce falls. (...)

George Sampson, from the Methodist Homes for the Aged taking part in the study, said: "When the body is hydrated, it can improve alertness and prevent spells of dizziness.

"We believe good hydration could reduce the number of falls and accidents amongst older people."

Anglian Water is installing mains-fed water coolers and testing educational materials in the five residential homes as part of the study which links in with their own research.

The pilot study will begin in April and run for six months. (...)

[Source: BBC Online, 16 March 2007, read full article]

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