Our full range of Water Coolers:

  • Office water coolers

    Office Water Coolers

    Our new range of plumbed in water coolers, cater for small office/ domestic, competitively priced, cold water only and as a table top model. Plus a cooler that can fill jugs and sports bottles with ease.

  • Home water coolers

    Home Water Coolers

    Our varied range of plumbed in water coolers for home use is available on outright purchase on a very competitive rental contract. We take care of all maintenance and servicing for you.

  • Gym water coolers

    Gym Water Coolers

    Our new range of coolers offer large apertures to fill sport bottles, so no cups lying around. Available with up to 120ltrs an hour offering pure filtered water at all times.

  • School water coolers

    School Water Coolers

    We are pleased to offer a full range for school use, from very hard working units that stand up to the elements to a range units that offer copious amounts of pure water in dining areas etc. Also a range of coolers for teacher common rooms.

  • Plumbed in water coolers

    Plumbed In Water Coolers (full range)

    The range and designs of plumbed in water coolers are changing and at Water-Splash we offer the best of all the new ranges and designs and features, to cater for all needs.

  • Water filters and Accesories

    Water Filters and Accessories

    We offer a full sanitisation kit for you to keep your plumbed in water cooler in a fully sanitised condition at all times, along with a range of cups, cones, biodegradable paper cups and replacement filters.

  • Plastic and paper cups

    Plastic and Paper Cups

    We have a wide range of paper and plastic cups for your water cooler and our delivery service is the fastest in the UK.

The Environment

Bottled water coolers

The bottled water cooler industry is big business however our policy is clear, we will never supply bottled water coolers.

We care about the environment and so should you, that’s why we DO NOT supply bottled water coolers. Imagine all the tonnes of carbon emissions that get pumped into the air everyday from the thousands of lorries that transport the bottled water to your home or office. With a plumbed in water cooler you can have hot and cold water on tap without the continued damage to the environment.

To add to the emission issue there is the constant manufacturing of the bottles and each year, 89 billion litres of bottled water are sold and a mountain of plastic bottles are buried in landfill sites.

If you currently use a bottled water cooler and you would like to become more environmentally friendly and change to a plumbed in water cooler we will give you 10% off you rental or outright purchase price. Just mention this when you place your order.

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